Thursday, 15 May 2014

Home made tips

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1. Obesity - Every morning , afternoon,evening 1-1 leave of Ashwagandha ,crush it with hand make a small boll and eat 1 hour before meals or empty stomach with water. Within one week you will see the changes in your weight!!

2. Joint Pain- Back Pain - Swelling  - Take
1-3 Garlic seeds eat with empty stomach, it is very effective for any kind of joint pain. And also help in reducing weight.Also helpful for heart related issues.

3. Gas related issues - Amala or Aloe vera juice 4-4 spoon with warm water before food if you take, quick relief in gas related issues.It also give strength to your full body.


4.Headache - Migraine - cold - Almond oil or Cow gee make it warm, morning hours pour 5-5 drops in your nose with empty stomach.

And at night repeat at bed time.

5.Tooth Pain - During tooth pain, press a piece of ginger in between teeth, which gives immediate relief. 

6. Ear Ache - Drop 2-5 drops of warm ginger juice in ears,which gives immediate relief.